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Apple has bought musical service LaLa


Company Apple has finished the transaction on service acquisition, informs Apple Insider.

17 million for LaLa

The exact sum of the transaction is unknown. It was initially supposed, that for LaLa will pay the whole 80 million dollars. Later TechCrunch referring to the sources close to participants of the transaction, has informed, that the price is too overestimated, and in practice for musical service wish to pay 17 million dollars.

Some experts believe, that Apple has bought LaLa to improve iTunes — for example, to build in a browser that users had an alternative to the independent media centre.

Apple and Google for some years from the companies with different fields of activity have turned to competitors, therefore even Eric Schmidt has left board of directors Apple. And in November Google has bought service of mobile advertising AdMob at which admired Apple. This transaction, by the way, became one of the most expensive in history Google.

Apple + LaLa = ?

But by and large, for end users motives Apple at purchase LaLa, allowing to listen to 8 million musical tracks free of charge, are not very important. The main thing that it has not turned out as with Imeem: has not had time MySpace to buy it as there and then "has killed and has eaten".

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