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The oldest social network will sell to Asia


One of the oldest social networks on the Internet — resource — will sell to new owners, informs Reuters. Possibly, investors from Asia become owners of the social network opened in far 2002.

Friendster for Asians

Their interest to Friendster is easily explainable: the matter is that the most part of users of a resource, approximately 100 million, inhabitants of Asia — Indonesia, China, Singapore and other countries make. In the USA, Europe and Australia this site is not popular.

It is expected, that transaction details on resource sale will announce in the end of current month. Reuters writes, that buyers will get a resource for the sum more than 100 million dollars. Experts from TechCrunch estimate Friendster in 210 million dollars. In a short list of the companies interested in purchase — Chinese holding Tencent Holdings.

Besides, one of the oldest social services searches for ways of a monetization, and is going to pass from advertising model to earning money on small user transactions.

It is necessary to remind, that in 2003 corporation Google wished to get social network Friendster, having offered then to its owners of 30 million dollars and having been refused. However, at Google there is other social network on emerging markets — speech about Orkut, the basic which part of an audience is made by inhabitants of Brazil.

Investors from Asia buy Friendster

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