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Till 50th years of last century, bank checks were a convenience that could be afforded by only a very small percentage of bank customers. Almost all people used banks for savings and paid for services and goods only cash money. Increased business activity over time has forced big business to offer universal rates and increase productivity. This circumstance has made businesses realize that they can save money and time by printing checks.

Businessmen prefer MICR

Financial Industry StandardsBusinessmen's prefer to use bank checks due to their increased volume of transactions. Bank checks are the most convenient and universal method of payment. Most bank checks are printed using special laser printers.

New and better software and printers allow an entire bank check to be printed that includes the logo, signatures, and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition or MICR, the unique characters at the bottom of the check. These unique characters encode the account number, check numbers and bank transit.

If prepared properly, bank checks with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition encoding can be processed automatically by the bank’s equipment at a really small cost to the bank.

Bank check

Very many companies use computers to generate as well as track bank checks. Laser printer bank check printing systems overcome most of the problems related with auditing and record keeping.

MICR — Absolute Universality!

Non-impact printing technologies and electronic publishing are available in the specialized area of MICR printing. Being completely automated through a computer, practically most of the setup costs associated with conventional MICR printers is completely eliminated and no stock is wasted when changing jobs and interior conditions. Special Magnetic Ink Character Recognition check software is compatible to work with most popular computer systems.

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