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Online casino or casino real?

Live casino

With growth of the industry of online entertainments, becomes ripe a question: whether will supersede an online casino of real "primogenitors"? Let's look at figures: the industry of gamblings is increased by considerable rates and at the moment has the income over 10 billion dollars a year.

How affairs with real casinos are? The annual turnover of real casinos only in the USA reaches 900 billion dollars and is not going to decrease!

Lightweight vs Heavyweight

Virtual casinoAs a result, volume of a real and virtual casino are simply non-comparable. Also, according to researches, players continue to play in real casinos, and for online games allocate only additional sums of money.

So many predicted destruction of cinemas with the advent of TV, and then videorecorders and DVD, however all over the world cinemas prosper, and new films still break records on cash gathering.

Virtuality vs Reality

According to interrogations, the majority of people all the same prefer a real casino: 27% have agreed what to play in online casino much more conveniently, than to go to a real casino; 15% are involved with possibility of anonymous game through the Internet; only 13% prefer online because have got used to live in a Virtual reality ;)

Luxor Hotel Casino — Las Vegas

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