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Postmarked E-mail cares of authenticity of letters

Good mail

The post service of the USA at last has understood, that time has come to get over in a digital reality and to try to earn money for e-mail delivery, is informed in blog The Wall Street Journal. Considering, that e-mail quite not bad goes and without the aid of this department, the Post service by and large has only one direction of activity — trust to e-mail to mail.

Authenticity check

As is known to any Internet user facing a spam, the address of the sender in email can be easily forged. Besides, the real address of the sender to the addressee can be and is not so known so to define authenticity of letters, say, from bank begins even more difficult.

"According to recent research, about 50% of consumers have declared, that delete electronic messages from banks at all not reading, — the head of company Epostmarks speaks Jason Curtis. — As I cannot trust the message, I simply delete the message".

Epostmarks together with other company, Goodmail Systems, has developed technology Postmarked Email, met with approval of Post service. The technology allows to supply e-mail the electronic "marks" including date and time, and also a known logo of Post service with the image of a head of an eagle. Besides, users of post services AOL and Yahoo! Will see on these letters a special mark in the form of an envelope with a blue tape.

This service is aimed at corporate clients who wish that their letters have not been ignored by addressees. Obviously, this dodge will work, if addressees have a boundless trust to Post service of the USA.

E-mail identification

However, if this service gets accustomed, it is easy to expect fast occurrence of spams-letters with the image of an eagle enclosed to them. There is a suspicion, that presence of one only quite will suffice this picture to mislead the majority of usual users.

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