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Yahoo! will continue to publish agency AP news

Associated Press

News agency Associated Press has entered into the new licence agreement with corporation Yahoo!, allowing last to use news content AP.

Transaction conditions are not disclosed yet

Financial conditions of the transaction are not disclosed yet. Also it is not specified, for what term the new contract is signed. Earlier it was informed, that the companies are close to agreement undertaking, however was not specified, when it will take place. Also it was noticed, that Associated Press plans to increase payments for the right of a reprint of the news.

Chief executive AP Tom Curley has noticed, that during negotiations possibility of introduction of an additional payment for some notes was discussed. It was supposed, that exclusive histories will cost more expensively, than the spot news which publish also other agencies. However the source familiar with conditions of the agreement, has noticed, that the new contract of similar payments does not provide.

Disagreements concerning the new agreement

Representatives Associated Press also have noticed, that negotiations on an occasion of new agreements with companies Google and Microsoft now proceed. Thus news searcher Google News has ceased to publish news agency materials in the end of December of last year.

Hardly earlier representatives AP have declared possibility of introduction of new service which will allow Internet editions to get exclusive access not only to news notes, but also a multimedia content of news agency. According to management Associated Press, it will allow the company to increase incomes.

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