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The world's largest service of microblogs Twitter became for the first time profitable, writes Bloomberg BusinessWeek. In profit to service contracts with corporations Google and Microsoft, the brought companies of 25 million dollars have helped to leave. That Twitter has made records of bloggers accessible for Google, Twitter has received 15 million dollars, and for Bing — 10 million dollars.

Twitter remained in profit

Though Twitter does not open the financial indicators, two sources BusinessWeek have declared, that service thanks to contracts managed to receive small profit following the results of a year. Thus, annual expenses Twitter are levelled to the sum of 25 million dollars.

If sources are right, it will be the first profitable year for service which has appeared in 2006. While Twitter prefers to increase an audience, instead of to receive profit. In total in Twitter, on autumn data, it has been registered over 60 million users.

The astable income

Nevertheless, the stable income at Twitter while is not present. In 2010 service plans to start some paid possibilities for corporate users. Besides, probably, Twitter will start to place advertising in large quantities. While advertising appears only in the Japanese version of a resource.

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