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Attendance Twitter has fallen asleep at one level

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International traffic Twitter continues to be stabilised to similarly number of unique visitors of the resource, fallen asleep flush with November of this year. About it writes TechCrunch. In October Twitter totaled 58,3 million unique visitors. Thus for a month the traffic has grown all for 3,5%.

November traffic Twitter "has fallen asleep"

November traffic Twitter in the USA shows the same indicators: after October falling of attendance for 8% in November the number of visitors has grown all on 100,000 persons.

For the last some months Twitter have started the Spanish, German, French and Italian versions that promoted increase in the international attendance. The chief executive of company Evan Williams has confirmed traffic stabilisation, however has expressed confidence, that new possibilities of a resource, such as button "Retweet", "Lists" and "Geolocation" should increase attendance Twitter.

Sixty percent of bloggers never come back

Meanwhile, April research Nielsen Online has shown, that 60% of the users who have come on Twitter for month, next month to service do not come back any more. Throughout last year Twitter frequently kept less than 30% of the old audience. In traditional social networks this indicator much more above. The low share of remaining users limits resource growth.

Also it is necessary to notice, that the majority of users updates the microblogs not through a site, and by means of mobile appendices and SMS. This feature of interaction with service can seriously influence the conclusions made during the analysis of data about attendance. And the set from the innovations announced by Williams already has been realised in foreign Twitter-clients on which share half of traffic of a resource is necessary.

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Attendance Twitter has fallen asleep at one level + Twitter