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The American manufacturer of web filters has accused China of plagiarism


Company CyberSitter — the manufacturer of web filters — has submitted to the American court the claim to the government of the Peoples Republic of China, two Chinese software developers and seven large manufacturers of computers, informs PC World. Claimants assert, that at creation and distribution of Chinese state web filters Green Dam Youth Escort workings out CyberSitter have been illegally used, copyrights were broken and the unfair competition was conducted.

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In the claim on which CyberSitter demands 2,2 billion dollars, such companies as Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asustek, BenQ and Haier appear respondents. All of them have appeared are involved in scandal as on request of the Chinese government without fail to instal Green Dam on the computers which were on sale in territory of the Peoples Republic of China. Besides, among respondents — manufacturers of software Zhengzhou Jinhui Computer System Engineering and Beijing Dazheng Human Language Technology Academy, developed Green Dam.

According to the claim, it has been in total widespread 56 million copies of the program containing illegally copied fragments of program code CyberSitter. "This claim urged to strike blow on extended among foreign manufacturers and distributors of the software to error that they can break with impunity intellectual property rights of the small American companies", — lawyer Greg Fayer representing interests CyberSitter — the company naming the product "has declared the Internet filter №1". The company claim is submitted to federal court of the USA to California.

The governmental compromise

The decision on obligatory installation of filters Green Dam blocking access to "undesirable" web resources, was accepted the Chinese authorities in the summer of 2009 and has caused the considerable criticism — both from fighters against censorship, and from the experts considering the program imperfect. Under the pressure of the public all large manufacturers by September have refused to instal on the computers of copy Green Dam, and the Chinese government has made a compromise: the scandalous filter remained obligatory only for schools, Internet cafe and other public establishments, and to private citizens have left a freedom in choosing.

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