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To partners Google in China have reminded about censorship


The Chinese government has informed partners Google the prevention of necessity to carry out censorship, writes The New York Times referring to anonymous sources. Officials have asked to prepare these companies the spare plan for a case of refusal Google from censorship of search inquiries. What exactly means under the spare plan, the edition does not specify.

The Chinese impasse

According to The Financial Times, Google has practically definitively decided to close the search business in China. As has told to the newspaper the anonymous source close to Google, negotiations of the company with the Chinese government were at a deadlock. Thus Google would like to keep presence at the country and to continue business development in other directions. In particular, the company is interested in preservation of the research centre which settles down in Beijing, and the agency which are engaged in sale of advertising in the Chinese language on site

The Chinese threat

Relations between Google and the Chinese government have become aggravated in January, 2010. Then Google has informed on planned refusal of censorship of Chinese version in reply to hacker attack to the corporate network. According to representatives Google, attack was conducted from China, and personal data of the Chinese legal experts which use post service Google Mail were the purpose of malefactors.

According to analytical company Analysys, on share Google 36% of profit of all search business in China are necessary. For comparison, the share Chinese Baidu makes 58%. The Internet audience in the country exceeds 330 million persons.

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