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Google has updated design
Company Google continues to improve the minimum design of the main page — now the design became even more minimum, having got rid of "superfluous" details, is informed in an official blog of the company.

Now, coming on, it is possible to see "blank page" with a logo of the company, search line and buttons («search» and «I’m feeling lucky»). Links in mail, search in images, video, to news and so on, appear on the screen after unique fade-in.

New design from Google

Google new design

The new design was tested throughout several months. Designers have tried 10 different variants of realisation fade-in (difficult to present, how they differed from each other). We will remind, several months ago on main page Google have carried out one more action - have increased in sizes a line for search inquiry.

New design of page of delivery of results of search

Besides, the company works over new design of page of delivery of results as present delivery is too unpredictable. The present situation with delivery of results too reminds "gusty music in style a jazz", and Marissa Mayer, the vice-president of the company on search products, does not love a jazz. New search is accessible to testing to the limited number of volunteers.

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