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The British gangster used Facebook


The British gangster sentenced by 35 years of prison, supervised over criminal grouping from the chamber through social network Facebook, newspaper The Times writes on Sunday, on January, 31st.

Gangsters on the Internet

42-year-old Colin Gunn, considered as one of the most dangerous criminals in the Great Britain, within at least two months had an easy approach in Facebook. "In friends" at the gangster 565 users were registered.

Correspondents The Times which has familiarised with correspondence Hannah in Facebook, have informed, that the gangster, in particular, repeatedly threatened with punishment to the ill-wishers who have bailed.

According to the edition, the gangster has received access to a social network with the permission of prison administration where that serves time for the organisation of double murder. The account of the gangster in Facebook has been closed only on Friday, on January, 29th after it became known about the preparing publication in The Times.

In access it is authorised...

The Minister of Justice of the Great Britain has declared, that the prisoner forbids access to social networks, and the gangster could not receive the permission to using Facebook from prison administration. However the experts interrogated by the edition, notice, that the administration of the British prisons "closes eyes" on the facts of access of prisoners in social networks to avoid every possible charges in infringement of the rights serving time.

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