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Facebook for a year has earned 700 million dollars

Social net Facebook

Social network Facebook in 2009 has earned 700 million dollars, writes blog Inside Facebook referring to authentic sources. Officially financial indicators of a network are not called, as Facebook is the private company.

Break-even September

The administration of a social network has informed on the break-even only in September of last year. According to Inside Facebook, in 2010 managing directors Facebook count on profit at a rate of 1 billion dollars.

By July, 2009 Facebook has earned 550 million dollars. From them 125 million it was necessary on advertising of brands, 150 — on advertising network Microsoft, 75 million — on the virtual goods and 200 million — on usual advertising.

Double profit

For comparison, in 2008 profit Facebook has made from 280 to 300 million dollars, and in 2007 — 150 million dollars. Thus, in 2009 the profit has grown at least twice, and in 2010 it is necessary to expect substantial growth of incomes.

Facebook — the largest social network in the world, uniting more than 400 million persons. If calculations and information Inside Facebook are true, each user on the average brings networks to two dollars of a gain a year.

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