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Facebook has transformed PHP in C ++

HipHop for PHP

Developers Facebook have promulgated project HipHop for PHP which transforms a code in language PHP into a code in language C ++. Last is compiled in the usual appendix which is carried out much faster, than the scenario on PHP. All interested persons can take part In project development — Facebook has opened an initial code.

HipHop for Facebook

HipHop for PHP has helped the largest social network with the world twice to lower loading on the processor and to accelerate display of 400 billion PHP-pages in a month. Requirements to number of servers, and consequently, and company expenses thereby have considerably decreased.

5 thousand tests

Working out HipHop for PHP has occupied two years. Now the project contains 300,000 lines of a code and has passed over five thousand tests. HipHop for PHP works with some restrictions, forbidding some too difficult for transfer on C ++ or slow designs PHP.

PHP — one of the most popular languages of web working out. It is used more than on 20 million sites, including on such resources, as Wikipedia, Yahoo! And Digg. Facebook — one of the most visited sites actively applying PHP. Its audience exceeds 350 million persons.

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