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Facebook became the leader in media Internet adv of the USA


In the first quarter 2010 social network Facebook has bypassed portal Yahoo! on displays of banner advertising to the American users, writes Wall Street Journal referring to the report comScore. Till now Yahoo! was considered as the leader on displays of banners in the USA.

The banner leader

On share Facebook in the beginning of 2010 it was necessary 16,2% of all banners. The resource has shown media blocks of 176,3 billion times. For comparison, the same indicator for Yahoo! has made 131,6 billion displays, and for web sites Microsoft — 60,2 billion displays. Cited data do not include displays of banners through partner networks Yahoo! and Microsoft.

World magnates

Facebook it was possible to involve large advertisers, including Verizon Communications, and also motor-car manufacturers Toyota and Ford.

It is necessary to notice, that on advertising gain Facebook considerably lags behind competitors. According to the edition, the social network last year has earned over 500 million dollars, and, predictably, will earn over billion in 2010. Yahoo! in 2009 has earned 6,5 billion dollars — the most part from advertising.

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