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Facebook has declassified the users

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Social network Facebook has fulfilled the promise given in the summer to improve options of parametres of confidentiality. On the one hand, options are simplified, and with another — to users as though have given more control over the personal information. Many, however, believe, that changes only have worsened a situation.

Electronic Frontier Foundation VS Facebook

As have noticed many, including legal experts from Electronic Frontier Foundation, new options are actually more open to all world, than earlier. In Facebook do not open a principle on which the new system of options has been imposed on former installations of existing users. But edition ReadWriteWeb, having familiarised with responses of users, assumes, that those who did not change confidentiality adjustment earlier have suffered, and used old installations by default.

Facebook it was transformed beyond recognition

Now such users, that not wishing, have started to share with all Internet the statuses-messages and records on "wall". The only thing that can justify somehow Facebook in the given situation so it that start of new options has been accompanied by the press release and record in a blog where all 350 million users was offered to come into options of parametres of confidentiality and to expose them according to the preferences.

However, the part of problems cannot be solved even in such a way — some existing before adjustment now for some reason are absent, and some were transformed beyond recognition.

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