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Social marketing in our life

Social media marketing

Social marketing is an activity directed on improvement of a life of all society as a whole. Originally social marketing has been directed on belief of people to go in for sports, correctly to eat, stop to smoke, practise “safe sex” for prevention of distribution of AIDS, to join the ranks of donors etc.

Bases of social marketing

Now under a key phrase «social media marketing», mean the work of the commercial companies or social media groups is directed on simultaneous advancement of a brand and social values.

Key elements of such marketing on a level with studying, formation and satisfaction of requirements of buyers is realization and the control of the social programs directed on advancement of social ideas.

The effective moments

The 1st effect is a change of representations of spectators about any social problem. Literally everyone in the North America knows about how smoking of cigarettes and alcohol over-consumption is dangerous, however 40 years ago very few people knew about it.

For last 20 years people have in increasing frequency started to realize value of donors of blood. Undoubtedly, it happens basically thanks to discussion of a theme of a donors and transplantation in mass-media (BBC, CNN, Bloomberg) and other popular social networks (Facebook, MySpace, YouTube).

Media marketing

The 2nd positive effect of social advertising — the given advertising not only draws attention to the given problem, but also promotes the best susceptibility of an audience to similar problems further.

Though separate social advertising, can and will not induce the person immediately to address to the doctor, to be checked up on AIDS or a hepatitis, but this person can concern more seriously the following social advertising on other theme and will not lay for a long time on a beach, being exposed to dangerous influence of harmful solar beams.

In this plan the best social marketing network is Facebook promotion because the Facebook community is the most popular in the world.

Reasonings about advantage of marketing

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