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Facebook will replace messages with post service


Social network Facebook works over the project under the code name Titan called completely to replace system of messages on web mail.

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In Titan there will be an access possibility to mail under reports POP and IMAP. A post server in Titan will be, and the mail box name will coincide with a name of the user, that is The name of the user can be chosen already now in accounting record options.

Details are unknown, however it is supposed, that by means of Titan participants Facebook can communicate not coming in a social network. Now the system of messages Facebook only is partially integrated with e-mail of users.

MySpace Mail is ready

Main competitor Facebook, social network MySpace, has already started earlier own post service MySpace Mail. In post service there is no access on POP and IMAP. Service MySpace Mail is accessible to all 130 million users.

Facebook — the largest social network in the world. The social network unites about 400 million users. In case of start of project Titan all these users become participants of post service.

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