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The opposition bribes users Facebook virtual currency

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Value of game currencies realises the increasing number of people. As it was found out, recently this understanding was born and at representatives of the industry of medical insurance of the USA: the various organisations and associations of this branch conduct campaign against one of bills of the present US president, actually buying support at fans of social games, informs The Business Insider.

Get Health Reform Right in Facebook

The scheme looks so: specially generated group of opponents of the bill of reform in sphere of medical insurance Get Health Reform Right by means of the advertising shown to participants of certain social games from Facebook, offers them a certain sum of virtual game currency in exchange for filling of the simple form. After sending of the form on behalf of the user it is automatically sent e-mail to the congressman in which text the protest against the given bill is made.

The Business Insider refers to the head of game company OMGPOP Dan Porter who the first has paid attention to the given circumstance (and even has made a screenshot of the aforementioned form). As he said, any time "advertising" Get Health Reform Right it was shown in company Zynga games, including hits like Mafia Wars and FarmVille, but then Zynga this advertising has covered.

To advertising in social networks — NO!

I will remind, that, reacting on advertising, fans of social games often get not so much, how many lose, becoming victims of a dishonest policy of advertisers and the game companies. It is not excluded, however, that to this practice the end will soon come.

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