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Microsoft has counted incompatible web sites


More than two thousand popular Internet sites are incorrectly displayed on web browser Internet Explorer 8, is informed in official blog Internet Explorer. At browser release in March, 2009 in list Compatibility View List there were 3100 sites.

Modern Compatibility View List

A year later after release of last version Internet Explorer Microsoft has brought statistics of conformity of several thousand popular sites to browser requirements.

The mass fraction of sites which completely correspond to standards IE8, makes 19%. 41% of sites, according to Microsoft, practically correspond to requirements IE8, and 14% are calculated on work with IE7. Hardly more quarters of popular sites opened in a so-called mode "Quirks" which allows to look through sites on older versions of browsers and not completely corresponds to a "standard" mode.

In search of an ideal web browser

Web browser IE8 automatically conducts statistics of use of a mode of compatibility and sends these data in Microsoft. Subsequently Microsoft makes list Compatibility View List.

By working out Internet Explorer 8 experts Microsoft have tried to bring the given web browser into accord with the standard standards for web browsers. After that IE8 has ceased to display correctly many Internet sites which have been developed for IE6 and IE7.

The first list of the sites incorrectly displayed in IE8, has been presented Microsoft in January, 2009 during browser testing. For that moment the incorrect list contained 2400 sites in which number were, and

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Microsoft has counted incompatible web sites + web browser