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Viacom will condemn bloggers for Comedy Central

The Daily Show

The owner of channel Comedy Central company Viacom has promised to condemn bloggers which will place without the permission in the Internet episodes of their comic shows. The company will toughen the control over intellectual property after rupture of relations with Hulu, writes THR.

The annoying reticence

Viacom to which belongs Comedy Central, could not agree with Hulu about advertising deductions for display of comic shows "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report", it is informed in blog The NY Times. In this connection vice-president Hulu Andy Forssell has promised since March, 10th to stop show channel Comedy Central display. Thus show episodes, and also full archive of transfers will be still accessible on their official sites.

Internet users distinguish essential distinctions of on-line players Hulu and Comedy Central. So, bloggers can place any fragment which has liked them of show by means of player Hulu with itself in a blog. Portal Comedy Central offers users of the a little preliminary selected fragments of each episode of show. Thus representative Viacom has declared, that the company will pursue bloggers which will continue to spread after March, 9th in the Network not authorised Viacom show fragments.

Viacom VS Bloggers

The situation with illegal placing of fragments is ambiguous as in "The Daily Show" on a regular basis fragments from an aether of other channels are used, in particular CNN and Fox News. And these fragments are used on the lawful bases thanks to a principle "fair use" which extends on news channels. However Viacom opposes that Internet sites and bloggers earned on advertising on the resources, using their comic content.

Hulu is free service of viewing of video, accessible to inhabitants of the USA. Hulu belongs to owners of popular channels NBC, Fox and ABC and is a legal platform for display of episodes of television shows and films. The portal receives a content directly from legal owners and shares with them a part of incomes of advertising placing. Hulu has been officially started in March, 2008, and content Comedy Central has appeared on Hulu after three months.

By data comScore number of visitors of portal Hulu is made 44 million by person in a month. According to The NY Times, legal owners of a content usually receive from 50 to 70 percent of advertising gain Hulu. The portal takes away the rest to itself.

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