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Microsoft plans start Windows Mobile 6.6

Windows Mobile

Microsoft has planned to an exit in February Windows Mobile 6.6 (code name Maldives). On it informs edition DigiTimes referring to own sources in the computer industry.

New WinMobile it will be better

Difference of new version WinMobile will consist in support of capacitor touch screens. For today from smart phones under control of WinMobile of similar function can brag only HTC HD2, however in this smart phone support of capacitor screens has been realised exclusively by forces of engineers most HTC. High-grade official support of this technology will facilitate to manufacturers of smart phones introduction of such screens in new models of the devices.

The current version Windows Mobile 6.5 presented by the company in the fourth quarter 2009, and it was not possible to win trust of users that was reflected in sales volumes of this operational system. Start of the updated platform in Microsoft expect to strengthen reeled competitiveness of the mobile decisions to exit Windows Mobile 7 postponed for 2011.

LG Electronics has refused from WinMobile

I will remind, that on January, 13th LG Electronics, whose smart phones since 2008 were supplied Windows Mobile, has informed on change of the mobile strategy in 2010. The company plans to instal on a considerable share of new phones under management of operational system Google Android. The remained models will be supplied still Windows Mobile or Linux.

Last years Microsoft steadily loses a share in the market of mobile devices, conceding to a position to competing decisions Apple, RiM, Google and Palm. In the light of it special hopes are assigned to a command of developers Windows Mobile 7, numbering about thousand persons.

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