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My readers know that I always announce new VMware training courses, I have access to the innovative education so I constantly have advance notification of what's coming and roughly when, but as I am a diligent boy I only recommend Vmware vsphere training videos!

vSphere Pro Vol. 1

VMWARELast week, Train Signal launched the new VMware training course (vSphere Pro Vol. 1). This training course is nearly 11 hours and is a unique series of videos by prominent VMware vExperts — Hal Rottenberg, Rick Scherer, David Davis.

Now each of the specialised theme are presented by a different instructor, all of whom are professional VMware vExperts and are well-known within the VMware community.

Now, I will present each expert separately:

Rottenberg* Hal Rottenberg. If you confident user Powershell then you should know Hal, he is one of the world leading authorities on the scripting language, having written the book: “Managing VMware Infrastructure with PowerShell”.

He also has the award a MVP from Microsoft for his personal services to PowerShell. Further, he is well known in system administrators circles for co-hosting the PowerScripting Podcast, and operated the PowerShell Community organization. Hal’s ingenious book, greatly contributed to my modest knowledge of using PowerShell in a ESX environment.

SchererWindowsITPro* Rick Scherer is an the full member of the VMware blogging community through his blog VMware-Tips and has a extensive knowledge around vSphere. Rick is owner of the super certificate VCDX (is awarded VCDX #21 at VMworld 2009).

Davis* David Davis has been the teacher on all of the previous Train Signal VMware released training videos. I firmly believe that David Davis is up there with the likes for Mike Laverick and Eric Sloof as a teacher, his videos are a pleasantly to watch and excessively informative. According to analytical portal Tech Chrunch, Mr. Davis is the most authoritative in this field of activity.

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