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Nokia — the leader among smart phones

Nokia N97

Corporation Nokia has managed in the fourth quarter 2009 to increase the share in the market of smart phones to 40%, is spoken in the financial report of the Finnish company. Quarter before share Nokia has decreased with 41-35%. Many analysts predicted further weakening of positions Nokia, writes All Things Digital.


Net profit Nokia for a year has grown for 65% with 576-948 million euro, and the gain has decreased for 5,3% to 12 billion euro. By the end of year the corporation owned liquid actives for the sum of 8,9 billion euro. In Nokia have declared, that positive indicators are reached thanks to start of phones with the touch screen, and also devices with the QWERTY-keyboard.

Nokia for three months has made 126,9 million pieces of mobile phones. It for 12% more than during the same period of 2008 and for 17% more than in the third quarter 2009.

Remarkable tendencies

In corporation expect, that in the first quarter 2010 the receipt of devices and services will make from 6,5 to 5 billion euro. According to forecast Nokia, in 2010 a company share in the market of mobile phones, the component of 39%, concerning 2009 will not change.

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