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Offended Google has decided not to filter the Chinese sites

Corporation Google has decided to refuse practice of censorship of the Chinese segment of the Internet in connection with scandal about which it became known on January, 12th.

To intellectual property theft

This day in official blog Google there was a record that in the middle of December the company has gone through directed and rather refined attack from China, led to intellectual property theft.

According to corporation, to attack has undergone not only Google, but also at least other 20 large companies. As an overall objective of these attacks Google considers access reception to accounting records Gmail of leading Chinese legal experts. It is thus underlined, that malefactors have not reached the purpose.

Besides, Google it became known, that accounting records of tens the American, Chinese and European users supporting struggle for human rights in China, have been cracked by means of viruses.

In Google have noticed, that these attacks were carried out against constant restriction of a freedom of speech in China. In this connection the company has decided, that more does not wish to censor results of search through (Chinese version Google) about what with the Chinese authorities the company had an arrangement. In Google have underlined, that understand risk of closing in this connection and the Chinese offices of the company.

The international scandal

In spite of the fact that direct charge of Beijing in message Google is not present, this scandal already left on the international level. According to AFP US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has demanded from the Chinese authorities of explanations. Reactions of China has not followed yet.

As informs AFP, promise Google to cancel censorship of the search results already has come into force. In particular, search of the well-known photo of "the unknown rebel", forbidden in China, returns relevant links.

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