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A French Online Adv Tax
Senate of France

Controversial Bill of French Senate

The senate of France has approved introduction of the tax to online advertising since 2011. The new law on the taxation will come into force, if it will be approved also by the parliament lower chamber.

It's supposed that the rate of the new tax will make 1%. According to the experts, the annual profit on it will reach 20 million euro. As marks the France-Presse Agency, the given innovation the French mass-media already have christened «the tax on Google».

Thus, as marks web portal TechEye, against the tax local advertisers have already acted. In their opinion, it will affect national economy because will be reduced the volume of advertising of the French companies, and at the same time and their sales.

In 2008 the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested to impose taxes on access to the Internet and use of mobile phones. Incomes of taxes, according to the head of the state, should help for the state television to get rid of advertising.

In September of this year it became known that the French authorities have prolonged an advertising interdiction for evening and night on the state television channels. Introduction of an interdiction for translation of commercials became a part of the program of Nicolas Sarkozy on reforming of the French public television. As he said, it should become same «qualitative, as BBC».

The Google Tax

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