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Chineses have accused Apple of plagiarism


Chinese company Shenzhen Great Loong Brother has declared, that corporation Apple has copied design of tablet computer P88 and used for the device iPad.

Chinese iPad

P88 Already half a year is on sale in China and reminds big iPhone. Representatives Shenzhen Great Loong Brother, however, notice, that their tablet and phone Apple belong to different categories of devices and carry out different functions.

In spite of the fact that outwardly devices are similar, the configuration iPad completely differs from P88. In iPad processor Apple A4, not less than 16 Gb flash and the 9,7-inch screen is installed. iPad works under management iPhone OS.

iPad $499 VS P88 $525US?

Processor P88 presumably is Intel Atom, and the store — 250GB a hard disk. Besides, P88 it is equipped by the 10,2-inch screen, 1,3 Mpix as the chamber and works under control of Windows.

Time of independent work P88 makes one and a half hour, and iPad — ten (10 hours!). Besides, at P88 not multitouch, but the usual resistive touch screen. The prices also differ — the base model iPad costs $499US, and P88 — $525.

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