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Presidential online conference on YouTube

Barack Obama

The US president Barack Obama has spent online conference on YouTube in which course the American leader on the air has answered questions of Internet users. Conference of the president on the popular video hosting, become by the first similar action of the head of the state, has lasted about a half an hour.

About national safety

Internet users have shown the big interest to an innovation of the White House — to the American president has arrived more than 11,000 questions, and at a choice of best of them has been submitted in total 630,000 voices. As a result the questions, met with the greatest approval from voting and the past preliminary censorship, have been directed the president who has answered them on the air on YouTube.

Economy and business

Most of all users were excited with the state internal policy, in particular expected reform of system of public health services, change in tax laws, national safety, a situation in economy and business and others. Did not remain without attention and foreign policy of the USA: users were interested in plans of Washington in the field of struggle against the international terrorism, and also were perplexed, why closing of prison of Guantanamo on Cuba demands so a lot of time and efforts.

In end of the online conference president Barack Obama admitted, that has received great pleasure from dialogue through YouTube and has expressed hope, that similar actions will regularly renew.

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