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Youtube will allow to create 3D-advertising

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YouTube has started 3D-video testing.

Nowadays the popular format of the three-dimensional image will be shortly accessible and in a network. Predictably, each such trailer will give all the best in several variants that he could be looked in different glasses and in general without them.

To the wide public new possibilities of video service were presented by developer Google Peter Bradshaw in first three-dimensional video which it is possible to look without special glasses, but only under condition of presence of the updated version of a flash-player in a browser.

In it video, and also in a blog Peter has a little told about how to mount a 3D-trailer without the three-dimensional chamber: «It is necessary to fix two videocameras, approximately how the eye at the person is located. Shooting to begin simultaneously. Then in the video-editor to combine the received material — the right eye at the left, and left — on the right». And already there were very many trailers in which users and employees YouTube test new possibilities.

Date of an exit from a "beta testing" mode is not known yet. It's natural to assume, that a new format of video for YouTube, will open new possibilities for Internet advertising, and ahead of us the interesting waits a lot of.

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