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YouTube has definitively replaced design

My Grandma

The world's largest video hosting YouTube has definitively replaced design, having shown the improved pages with videoclips to all users.

I like this!

Access to the necessary functions has become simpler, and navigation became more clear. Besides, in YouTube have refused five-point system of estimations, having replaced with buttons: "I like this" and "I dislike this". The system of comments is altered — not the latest now are shown, but best of them.

Also the list of relevant videoclips has improved. Now they depend on search inquiry of the spectator. So, if it was search inquiry of «Trend Web», — in the relevant list other results by similar inquiry will be displayed. Also elements of management are changed by a videoplayer, allowing to increase the size and quality of video.

YouTube has begun testing of new page of a videoplayer two months ago.

PS3 TV Commercial — «Grandma»

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