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Capital of the State of Kansas will rename in Google

Building of city council

The capital of the State of Kansas Topeka within March will be called "Google, Kansas — the capital city of fiber optics". The corresponding appeal was submitted for consideration city council by mayor Bill Bunten, writes The Topeka Capital-Journal. Members of city council have already approved the offer.

Auxiliary experiment

The mayor has expressed hope, that renaming will help a city to become a part of experiment Google with granting to Americans of high-speed Internet channels. Within the limits of experiment, from 50 to 500 thousand Americans will get a hundred times faster access to the Internet, than on the average in the USA.

Till March, 26th Google collects demands from cities and other settlements on participation in the program of reception of the superfast Internet. Till the end of a year, corporation Google will define areas in which fibre-optical lines will be laid.

Informal renaming

Renaming of Topeka if it takes place, will not be completely official. The document presented by the mayor, has more likely recommendatory character for townsmen. It is necessary to notice, that the administration of Topeka already has an experience of release of similar appeals. In 1998 the name of capital of Kansas has been informally changed on "ToPikachu" in honour of the animated hero.

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