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Higher Education Tendencies In the USA

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The United States of America — one of World leaders of export of Higher Education. The basic specialisations of the US High Schools — various business trades and high technologies.

The US Educational System

Educational processIn the USA the great variety of universities and colleges and to orient in this variety is difficult enough. Certainly, there are various ratings of universities, but even Americans do not trust them. Besides it, boarding schools in the US and Canada have the internal estimation of knowledge level, therefore school ratings are rather irrelevant indicator.

Entrance examinations in High Schools of the USA do not surrender — the intro is carried out by results of special school tests (SAT). Degree release after which students receive degree of the bachelor, lasts on the average 4 years. Specialisation begins with a 3rd year — profound studying of some the subjects directly connected with the future profession. However, schools that treat learning disabilities have considerably reduced time of teaching since the given schools have the specialised adapted teaching program.
Distinctive feature of programs of the US High Schools — the majority of students independently choose the curriculum.

The Bachelor is the First Scientific Step

Diploma deliveryThe 1st step for a bachelor degree is the incomplete higher education which should be carried out in a higher educational institution with the basic professional educational programs. After training end on the given level of the higher education the student can continue higher education (usually by default) or, at will, without total certification to receive the diploma about incomplete higher education. The volume and the maintenance of incomplete higher education are reflected in the appendix to the diploma.

The bachelor's degree is the diploma confirming successful development of the 2nd step of the Higher Vocational Education. The International Baccalaureate schools are the respectable standard of general educational High Schools not only in the USA and Canada, but also in the countries of Europe and Asia.

The Bachelor of Veterinary Technology

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