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The 3D-TV with Blu-ray

Panasonic 3D-TV

The Japanese company Panasonic has presented the new 3D-TVs equipped with hard disks and Blu-ray.

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Family of RT2B includes two models of plasma TVs with diagonals of 42 and 46 inches. Devices can record telecasts as on the hard disk (500Gb), also and on optical Blu-ray disk.


TVs will show Full HD permission (1080p), HDMI and Ethernet port. On assurance of the manufacturer, these TVs first-ever can reproduce 3D-video which have been recorded on Blu-ray.

3D-TVs will go on sale in the end of August (only in Japan). The price, and also a date started of sales of new TVs in other countries yet are not called.

Panasonic counts, that the total number of sold TVs will make 15 thousand TVs/month. For comparison, in Europe since January to June has been sold 25 thousand 3D-TVs.

Panasonic VIERA Plasma 3D

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The 3D-TV with Blu-ray + TV