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Technical support Google attack complaints

Nexus One

Forums of technical support Google have appeared are filled up by complaints of users to work of own smart phone of company Nexus One. About it writes Slashgear. As the basic occasion to discontent the defect in which result phone it has appeared has served it is impossible to switch to a 3G-mode or he was constantly switched with 3G on EDGE and back.

Feebleness Nexus One

Besides unpleasant feature of the most technical support Google which consists that technical support is limited by one electronic correspondence was found out, and users should wait the answer from employees of the company some days. Any form of direct telephone support for buyers Nexus One is not provided.

The upset buyers who have faced malfunctions in work of the smart phone have addressed in technical support of the developer of the device company HTC and the mobile operator T-đťobile extending phones Google, but there to them anything could not help.

Unsuccessful technical support

One user within one and a half hours some times switched between technical supports of both companies, however unsuccessfully. On assurance of other victim, within 5 hours of the waiting answer from most Google, whether to the client have simply advised to reboot phone and to look will solve it a problem (!).

The new smart phone is on sale directly through online shop Google. The price for the device without a binding to the cellular operator in the USA makes 529 dollars. Also in sale the version with a sim card of operator T-Mobile in cost of 179 dollars has arrived also.

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