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25 Million Skype Persons
I love Skype!

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Skype has fixed a record on number of users, is informed in a company blog. On November, 22nd Skype have simultaneously used 25 million persons. The general audience of Skype totals more than 560 million registered users. Thus Skype is considered the largest operator of the international voice communication.

Let's notice that Skype does not cite the exact data by quantity of unique users. And also, resource rules creation of several login accounts on one person is not forbidden.

Skype allows users to carry out vocal calls, and also to take part in personal and group video calls. Last version of Skype supports group video calls with participation to 10 persons.

In the beginning of August it was reported that the company plans to place money stocks at a stock exchange. Soon after it, the telecommunication company of Cisco has addressed to top management of Skype with the offer to buy service for $5 billions.

Hi, we loves Skype!

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