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My landline is an Important Piece of Technology

Cheap phone

And yet I know that pretty much at least once during my landline line rental contract, I will hit a problem. One day I will pick up the phone and it will not greet me with its friendly purr. Then I have to use my not so cheap phone line which connects me with the world via another kind of line rental. There is no line as such, just electric stuff moving through the ether, an invisible cheap phone line. Or not so cheap. The cost of talking through the air, is much more expensive that your usual landline line rental. Yes sirree.

So trying to get my landline fixed makes me use up the free minutes allotted to me on my mobile line rental contract. I do not get these minutes back from my landline company, which is irritating. I will become frustrated as my landline company puts me through a series of automated hoops to get to the person who can help me.

It never ceases to amaze me how line rental companies, in the business of communication can have such complicated customer assistance set ups. Maybe they do not really want to talk to us. I take notice of how customer services is treating me. It gives me some idea of how much my line rental company is spending on its customer services department. Or is it reducing costs there in order to lure people in with the promise of a cheap phone line?

Did a percentage of the workforce have to go so that the company could afford to offer customers a cheap phone line? For surely some of the cost of the line rental must have to go on paying staff. And staff are the most expensive component in any company's outgoings, as we all know.

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