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In locks Defend Lock apply safe mechanisms
Company Defend Group, the leading manufacturer and the distributor of the equipment of mark Defend for complex and full protection of cars reacts to a spam sent on e-mail and assures the clients and partners, that all equipment Defend, including mechanical locks of the lever of check point Defend Lock, answer the highest safety requirements. The proof to that: which company Defend Group has certificates on the products.

SG & Bump Key Set

Defend LockRecently by e-mail the information on unreliability and simplicity of opening of locks of the majority of known manufacturers of door-locks and locks of the lever of speeds on method Bump Key Sets. Representatives of company Defend Group feel necessity to react to this purposeful harmful information.

The information which has appeared on the Internet, from the point of view of company Defend Group doubtful and causes a damage to mark Defend. A subject of the extended information, in case of mark Defend, test of the key loose leaf made in 2001 then method Bump Key was not widely known. Experts have started to be engaged in protection Bump Key since 2002. As a push — opening of locks without a key which is based on a method of SG-effect, the method wide circulation has served in general similar to method Bump Keys.

Company Defend Group has reacted to this situation release of the new loose leaf which is completed on products since 2003. Safety confirms the conformity certificate at number TT-466/2003, given out by certified chamber TREZOR TEST from 26.11.2003. The new loose leaf corresponds now to requirements shown to products of a class 4 including to requirements against use of methods SG or Kwikset Bump Key.

The problematics of safety and safety of the property is very great and research and safety system engineering is long-term procedure. Company Defend Group which is engaged in safety and protection of cars, constantly works over improvement available and working out of new devices and safety systems. Result is the offer of complex protection of the car which includes not only the mechanical device, but also other electronic and electromechanical devices.

Cylinder Bump Key

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In locks Defend Lock apply safe mechanisms + SG