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British for a year have sent 97 billion SMS


The British owners of mobile phones in 2009 have sent 96,8 billion SMS, that for 23% more than year before. About it it is spoken in report Mobile Data Association (MDA), published on January, 28th. In the report the data received from all cellular operators of kingdom are used.

11 million SMS/1 hour

On the average daily British sent on 265 million short messages that corresponds to 11 million SMS/1 hour. Besides, every day it was sent approximately 1,6 million messages with pictures.

The number of messages in the end of a year has considerably exceeded the day standard. So, in Christmas it has been sent 441,8 million SMS, that for 31 percent there are more than indicators of 2008. On December, 31st 2009 and has been sent on January, 1st, 2010 874 million messages — for 21% more than last New year.

4 SMS/1 day

In 2009 on each inhabitant of the Great Britain it was necessary on 4 SMS/1 day. This indicator four times below American, writes ReadWriteWeb. Each inhabitant of the USA on the average sends 16 SMS, and daily all country sends 4,1 billion short messages.

Exchange SMS all becomes more active from year to year. In 2008 British have sent 78,9 billion SMS (on 17,9 billion more than present indicators), and in 2007 — all 56,9 billion. It is necessary to notice, that number MMS grows much more slowly. The number of multimedia messages for three years has grown only with 449 to 601 million.

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