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To British will offer the superspeed Internet

Virgin Media

Provider Virgin Media belonging to billionaire Richard Branson, is intended by the end of 2010 to offer the British clients access to the Internet for the speed in 100Mbit/sec. On it informs British edition T3.

High-speed Internet by Virgin Media

It in 24 times faster the average speed offered by competitors. For achievement of object in view Virgin Media uses the expanded fibre-optical network. High-speed Internet connection will allow to download the hour teleprogram in a format of video of high clearness for 30 seconds.

Now the maximum speed of access in Virgin Media is 50Mbit/sec. In total at Virgin Media 4,1 million clients. In January, 2010 offer Virgin Media has tried to interrupt at the price of BT, one of the main competitors of the company.

Google or Virgin Media: Who faster?

In other countries also connect users on superfast channels. So, in the beginning of February Google has promised within the limits of experiment to give the chance to inhabitants of several settlements to leave in the Internet for the speed in 1Gb/sec. It a hundred times more than on the average across the USA. In total experience Google means connection from 50 thousand to a half-million of Americans.

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To British will offer the superspeed Internet + Virgin