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The American government was going to close Wikileaks


The American government was ready to close site Wikileaks in 2008. Measures on struggle against a resource placing in an easy approach confidential materials, have been described in the report published on Wikileaks on March, 15th, writes TechRadar.

Potential threat of safety

The report under the name "Wikileaks — the online directory for a foreign secret service, insurgents or terrorist groups?" Has been prepared by experts of the centre of counterspionage of army of the USA. In the report it was noticed, that Wikileaks represents potential threat to country armed forces.

For struggle against a site military analyst Michael D. Horvath suggested to strengthen measures on prevention of hit of the classified information in hands of informants Wikileaks. So, it is planned to reveal and dismiss scouts who co-operate with a site, or to bring an action against them. On a plan of an analyst, it should promote destruction of an image Wikileaks as source which keeps anonymity of the informants.

Wikileaks by Sunshine Press

Resource Wikileaks is sponsored by noncommercial organisation Sunshine Press. In 2008 it already closed under the decision of the American court. Then a site have accused of disclosure of the confidential information of bank group Julius Baer Bank. Soon after that the court has cancelled the decision, and the site has continued work to the former address.

On February, 1st, 2010 the site has temporarily stopped work, having referred on insufficient financing. Founders Wikileaks have informed, that for that moment they have collected donations on $130,000. However for high-grade functioning of a site it is required to them of $600,000/year, and the minimum volume of financing makes $200,000. At the moment, according to Wikileaks, the volume of the collected donations makes $360,000.

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The American government was going to close Wikileaks + Wikileaks