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The Internet the 3rd on popularity a source of news in the USA

Internet user

The Internet became the third on size a news platform in the USA, having conceded to only local and national television channels. On-line mass-media have bypassed national local newspapers, and also radio. Such are results of interrogation by researchers Pew Research Center.

The modern consumer of news

59% of the interrogated Americans have declared, that receive the news information both from printing, and from on-line sources.
So, third of owners of mobile phones use them for reading of news. 28% of respondents optimised a homepage so that the main news from interesting sources were displayed. More than thirds (37%) interrogated as-or reacted to news — in particular, wrote responses and comments, or shared them in social networks.

Three quarters of the Americans reading on-line news, receive them together with letters or messages in social networks. Of 52% share links of the interrogated readers of news.

Telephone survey

In total Pew Research Center has interrogated 2259 persons is more senior 18 years. Interrogation was carried out by phone. It is considered, that interrogation is representative for all continental population of the USA.

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The Internet the 3rd on popularity a source of news in the USA + USA