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Microsoft has offered alternative browsers

Web browsers

European users Windows from the beginning of March can choose replacement to browser Internet Explorer. Corporation Microsoft within a week will begin dispatch through service Windows Update of corresponding updating which offers 12 browsers on a choice.

The widespread list of web browsers

The list is divided on two parts, each of which is under construction in a casual order. In the first there are more widespread browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. In the second — Avant, Flock, Green Browser, K-meleon, Maxthon, Sleipnir and Slim. The first part is visible always and to see the second, it is necessary to shift a toddler on a scrolling ruler.

It is necessary to notice, that the choice window will appear only before users Internet Explorer. At a choice of an alternative browser in Windows 7 from the panel of problems badge Internet Explorer attached by default will disappear. Europeans at whom as a browser are by default installed Chrome and Firefox, will not see the list of alternatives.

The alternative decision

Internet Explorer it is used on more than 60% of computers. The European updating with the offer to choose other browser — result of antimonopoly trial. The decision on a choice is the compromise between antimonopoly services and corporation Microsoft.

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Microsoft has offered alternative browsers + Windows