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Burglars have cracked networks more than 100 companies

It is Google

The purposes of the hackers who have cracked in December, 2009 computer systems Google, were over hundred companies, informs IDG News referring to an estimation of analysts of the company iSec Partners, specialising on IT safety.

The planned hacker attack

Researchers have found out 68 servers belonging to hackers, allowing to operate the infected computers. The analysis of all of one of them has found out penetration into networks of 34 companies.

Breaking Google which has been carried out through vulnerability "Aurora" in browser Internet Explorer, has taken place in the middle of December, 2009. Later it was found out, that to breaking also have undergone Intel, Adobe, Symantec and a number of other large companies.

The Chinese indirect participation

According to the analysts, the corresponding harmful program has been created in China. Having promulgated this information, Google at which hackers have stolen some objects of intellectual property, has threatened to refuse censorship of results of the Chinese search and to leave from the local market.

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Burglars have cracked networks more than 100 companies + safety