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Palm Corp. has exposed itself on sale

Palm phone

Palm Corp. has exposed itself on sale and has already begun gathering of demands, informs Bloomberg. With search of buyer Palm help Goldman Sachs Group and Qatalyst Partners.

HTC VS Lenovo Group

According to Bloomberg, among interested in purchase — Taiwan corporation HTC and Chinese Lenovo Group.
Market capitalisation of Palm makes about 870 million dollars. The corporation makes smart phones Palm Pre and Palm Pixi which basic competitors are devices Apple iPhone and mobile phones on the basis of OS Android.

Vain hopes

In February management of Palm recognised as unsuccessful sales of phones and has assumed, that in the third quarter 2010 the gain will make all 500 million dollars. Analysts predicted three times the big indicators.

In the beginning of April of stock quote Palm have grown for 32% thanks to hearings about preselling preparation.

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Palm Corp. has exposed itself on sale + sale