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HTC has refused to recognise itself the infringer of patents Apple

HTC Legend

The Taiwan manufacturer of smart phones HTC did not break corporation Apple patents, informs AFP referring to representatives HTC.

20 Apple patents

Apple on March, 2nd has submitted on HTC the complaint to the international trading commission of the USA and district court of the State of Delaware. Corporation Apple, considers, that HTC has illegally taken advantage of 20 patents Apple. The given patents concern the user interface, architecture and a hardware stuffing iPhone.

Steve Jobs, has declared, that the corporation is not going to be reconciled with theft of their technology. In HTC in the answer have declared, that are not unique innovators in the mobile market, but very seriously concern the American and international patent right.

Touch Claims

According to IT observers and analysts, claims first of all will concern the touch smart phones HTC working under control of mobile operational system Google Android. It is one of the basic competitors of a platform iPhone OS. Besides, HTC has made phone Google under name Nexus One.