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If you wish to create a small or large corporate site, the catalogue of the goods, Internet shop or a small homepage, but have no knowledge of programming and experiences in development of web sites, — in that case is your choice — the ready Content Manager System from professionals, or CMS.

Having saved up considerable experience and having analyzed many paid and free managements systems of a website, I recommends free CMS by Joomla!, as the excellent tool for advancement of your website of any level of complexity.

Joomla — is excellent CMS, but has one weakness, namely the high-powered inquiries for a server. To many web masters repeatedly blocked web sites because of excess of admissible DB limits on a virtual hosting. Best Web Hosts is not the usual web hosts, it's special web-host platforms with optimal characteristics for Joomla websites.

Web Hosting for Joomla CMS

Unfortunately, in the hosting market there was such tendency, that owners of a hosting in a pursuit of profit offered a maximum Gb for a cheap price, aspiring first of all to satisfy demand, instead of quality. Alas, not skilled clients choose a hosting for Joomla, looking only on the price and Gb volumes of disk space.

Hosting for Joomla

However, that business remained favorable and made profit, unfair owners of web hosting save on operating memory, on limits of processor time and other important things. In this situation, on any cheap hosting — your web sites will brake, or the manager of a hosting simply will block web site.

The given Content Manager System (CMS) is simple in development as it was developed counting on users with the minimum knowledge in programming. Joomla! is initially intended for work in a complex with other free systems with an open source code, such, as PHP, MySQL and Apache.

Thus, choosing the hosting-provider for a web sites under management of Joomla, your choice is — a hosting-provider which specializes only for Joomla CMS it's main Joomla Hosting Advice, which will help to make a correct choice.

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