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The Types of Printer Ink

Colour printer

Pigmentary ink concerns type of ink of high quality and allows to receive the printing images as quality of laser analogues, the given ink is steady against fading on a sunlight. Such ink has appeared after usual ink on the basis of dye, in result of long and laborious work of researchers of firm Hewlett-Packard (HP).

The New Ink Era

Many manufacturers have adjusted release of pigmentary ink, in which is used the mix of painting substances — dye and a pigment. Such ink also waterproof, however partially fades on a sunlight. This postulate are based on analytical tests of printer ink reviews.

Thus, ink on the basis of dye is absorbed together with dye, but the structure of pigmentary ink is printing so that the pigment "was pasted" to a surface of fibres of a paper. Hence, remaining completely on surfaces, a pigment (unlike dye) gives the chance to receive more black, contrast images with the high permission. In acknowledgement of my words, 4Inkjets review especially underline this feature of pigmentary, in difference from the usual ink.

Epson printer

To define ink type is possible on water resistance of a print. If your text is easily washed off by water — is a bad ink. If simple water does not wash off, but is washed off by a weak mix of alkali (silicate glue, a saliva) — is normal ink. Are not washed off — Pro Level. Also, the interesting moment I was reading in Inksmile review: the saliva too possesses alkaline reaction and should dissolve many kinds of ink.

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