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In given article, I will in detail stop on one of the most interesting tools of management of a casino — the social marketing. Why the most interesting? Because a basis of any gambling are players and money. Thus, than more profits of a casino, — hence is more VIP-contingents, — from this follows, that the casino becomes more respectable.

Gold Strategy of Business

The gold rule of business is when 80% of profit of the company bring 20% of constant clients, — is ideal for a big casino. Thus the main tasks of a gambling institution — competently to allocate the best players (generous), to stimulate clients through various lotteries and constantly to involve the new players.

Club RoyaleA link between the player and a database, as a rule, is the Gold Card (or Privilege Club Card).

Gambling's managers also should be interested in unexperienced players. To involve the client is only 1/2 of the business, the main thing — to keep the client and to create atmosphere when, having spent one unforgettable evening in a casino, the player would want to return here necessarily.

Thus, the new player, as a rule, has poor enough knowledge of the numerous games, therefore to the new client is offered special instructions on game rules, and also the detailed list of possible prizes.

Probably the Hardest Poker Game In the Casino...

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