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God of Prime Cards


Each casino has a system of cards, nevertheless, it's possible to allocate four basic types of the cards corresponding to the status of the player: guest, silver, gold and platinum.

From Guest to the Platinum!

When the visitor of a casino crosses for the first time a threshold of a gambling institution, for such client the simple card is created (guest card), simultaneously with it occurs registration of the client in a casino database, (is create photo for a card), at the same stage check presence of the given player at stop sheet.

StardustFor authenticity of the information and in order to avoid roguish actions all personal data for primary registration in a casino undertake from the passport of the client. So, for the first time going to a casino for rest and test of the happy fate, do not forget to take with itself the passport.

Thus, actively visiting a casino, playing and winning, or, on the contrary, losing a part of the means, the player can count on advancement forward the status in a casino. Than more actively the client is gaming in gamblings, — than is more chances to receive a gold or VIP-card.

Adv of Club Card from 1986

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