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Google: One Pass

One Pass

Google Corp. on Wednesday, on February, 16th, has started own system of an online subscription to a content of periodicals.

One Pass Google

The system under name «One Pass» will allow publishers to establish independently the prices and terms of subscription on a network content of the mass-media.
Among possible models of distribution Google offers the traditional subscription similar to the RSS-channel, to separate materials necessary for the user. Who already writes out the live version of mass-media, the publisher by means of «One Pass» can give a discount on online access or make it a free.
In Google underline that for access to a content both through the stationary computer, and through a i-tablet or other mobile device, subscribers «One Pass» can use the uniform login account.

All payments will be carried out through Google Checkout. As informs Agence France Presse, service gathering of Google thus will make 10% from profit of publishers.

German magazines «Focus», «Stern» and publishing concern «Axel Springer AG» became the first large players in the market of mass media which declared cooperation with «One Pass».

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